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While in Nashville in July for our annual Team Beachbody Coach Summit, exercise device Autumn Calabrese (originator of the 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme) found a brand new Beachbody home workout called Country Heat. Appears fitting for Nashville correct? Put on the brakes though because that is NOT, I repeat not, a line dancing workout. Superb enjoyable dancing? Yes, but not a kick back your feet line dancing application. I just finished up my initial round and I’m prepared to share my Country Heat Results & Review.

My Country Heat Review

August 1st I pressed play on my very first Country Heat workout and wasn’t quite certain what to anticipate. I love country music and I adore dancing, and so I presumed this was going to be my new favourite workout (not certain how it’d compare to PiYo but it’d be up there). However, I wasn’t certain if it would be enough to keep me going and keep me excited day to day.

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Country Heat Beachbody is a beginner to intermediate software. Autumn Calabrese joins country music and simple to follow choreography set to 8 counts to create a cardio that’s interesting with some concealed abs & legs work to finish an awesome program. The work outs are about 30 minutes a day and 6 days a week (some days contain yet another dance conditioning workout for an added 23 minutes). The program comprises 5 cardio dance work outs, 1 dance conditioning (plus bonus workout when bought from a trainer like myself), and a 30-day workout schedule to keep the guesswork out of your strategy. Along with this, Autumn has contained her easy to follow and easy to learn portion control nutrients guide with colour coded containers.

Truthfully, it’s been a month or two since I was actually focused on finishing a plan and following a nutrition guide (hey, summer is tempting in more ways than one!) so I was excited to take on something new. What I didn’t anticipate was the outrageous number of perspiration that I ‘d in only day 1 with this workout (when you’re dancing your face away in a pub I think you don’t see how sweaty you actually get correct?! #Wink). After day 1, I was solicited. It had not been hard to follow along to the work outs, I didn’t need to be concerned about remembering “what comes next” or feel like I was putting on a show and striving to understand choreography, and I had a blast daily.Image result for country heat

Overall, I’m in LOVE with Country Heat and if I ever believed I’d say I finished and adore a whole cardio plan I’d have laughed at myself. You should be aware of that I LOATHE all cardio, this really is the exception to my insanity.

My Country Heat Results

I’d actually done a number on my body this summer with lots of beer and an excessive amount of pizza. Dialing my nourishment back was a fairly significant key for this procedure. Was I perfect? Nope. I didn’t monitor containers every single day, I let myself pizza, and I still drank an excessive amount of beer but it was less than before.